CWP declares 10-point Philanthropy Agenda

  1. Marine Reserve : creation of Asia’s largest Marine Reserve next to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef ; all 16-islands are owned / leased by the CWP to undertake this ; development only will be done on the main freehold property which is a rehabilitation of a former mining site;

  2. Eradication of Destructive Practices :  in all 16 islands covered by an enhanced marine reserve program and with replication to protect Palawan’s pristine beauty as a whole; support for existing Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) is key driver ;

  3. Re-stocking of Coral Reefs : in all 16 islands which has been affected using the latest technologies ;

  4. R&D Center : creation of R&D center for global warming which addresses key challenges ;

  5. Sanctuaries : development of sanctuaries for turtles, whale sharks, sea cows / dugongs, sea horses and dolphins ;

  6. Showcase of Technology : showcase of cyclone-proof architecture, renewable energy and undersea technology addressing rising tides caused by global warming ; CWP to support local towns infrastructure especially waste disposal due to exponential population and tourism growth ;

  7. Alternative Livelihood : creation of alternative livelihood programs for fishermen (high-tech aqua culture), healthcare and education for residents of the town ;

  8. Replenishment : of fish stocks in the nursery of the region ; feeding 1 Billion people for the next 50 years ;

  9. Regional Job Creation : creation of 2 million direct and indirect jobs in the region ; creation of 20,000 jobs locally in the Philippines

  10. Emergency Assistance : in the event of an oil spill by existing oil rigs in the area of the marine reserve and the creation of an environment protection and security fund for sustainability ;