Coral World Park (CWP) establishes Joint-Ventures in the Philippines ; will remain as a Philanthropic Fund

September 10, 2017 - Monte Carlo, Monaco : The CWP has confirmed several joint-ventures for it's property in the Philippine province of Palawan. These joint-ventures will be done with established local developers based in the Philippines and therefore the CWP will remain as a philanthropic fund and/or a JV partner. 

"These local developers have given us the opportunity to achieve a sustainable masterplan in Palawan and for us to remain as a philanthropic fund / investor and joint-venture partner where we also provide the land and brands for a unique customer experience while our local partners will be the developers" said Susan Lee, Head of Corporate Development

In the Philippines, especially Palawan where the province is enjoying exponential growth in tourism, the CWP is continually working with national government and key local government units to create a preventive approach to population growth in the area and most especially to develop an environment friendly masterplan moving forward in line with it's customer experience.

The CWP has acquired 3 global family entertainment brands and 5 luxury and budget resort brands for it's development in the Philippines dubbed as the premier undersea-themed destination in the world by a Middle Eastern travel magazine.

"We thank the national government, the people of Palawan and it's various government units for the support moving forward and we reiterate our commitment to preserve the environment with a sustainable world class project for Palawan" she said.

An environment protection fund which the CWP has created and funded by the Dr. AB Monozca Foundation is proposed to have the Palawan Sustainable Development Council (PCSD) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) as co-chairs under the invitation by it's Chairman. Other members include a british and american NGO with strong track records in Coral Reef Conservation and Marine Reserves.

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