United Nations Awardee Jacques Fresco, passes away at 101

Jacques Fresco.jpg

May 20, 2017 : He was the inspiration of Coral World Park's ocean protection and shared resources for peace advocacy. Controversial American visionary Jacques Fresco, who envisioned a world with a resource-based economy to bring peace and stability to humanity and who was an industrial designer for 'Cities by the Sea' has passed away at the age of 101. A year before his death he invited a few friends to his home in Venus, Florida to discuss the way forward and received a United Nations Award for City Design & Community ; a one-on-one discussion ensued to blue-print a resource based economy by the sea in Asia. The Coral World Park team was personally led by our Chairman, Paul Monozca and President Arnold Alafriz. The architectural and design team was led by Architect Jose "Pinggoy" Manosa via conference call from Manila.  The CWP continually shares the same thought leadership as Mr. Jacques Fresco on how we can build a better world for humanity. An enhanced initiative integrated with an artificial intelligence (AI) platform is being launched by the CWP and the Dr. AB Monozca Foundation by May 2018.

Link 1 : United Nations Award to Jacques Fresco : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVNZBHIXMlw