Patented Glass Technology

Using patented glass technology, Coral World Park, as the world's premier undersea themed destination together with its philanthropy behind the conservation of coral reefs and marine life, has been voted by a Middle East travel magazine as one of the Top 10 future destinations of the world and one of the Top three undersea themed projects of this century by a European Science magazine.


In this age of global warming where polar ice caps melt and sea levels rise, Coral World Park is the ultimate showcase of best practices and undersea living.

With a masterplan of eight international family entertainment and luxury branded resorts and spas, each development houses one underwater restaurant which seats 100 guests comfortably 20 feet below sea level. Each floating pod, dubbed “Starfish” are used not only as underwater restaurants but can be converted into meeting rooms, lounges and bedrooms upon the request of its resident members.

Unique undersea technology is also used for its educational entertainment ("edutainment") facilities which boasts a variety programs to educate visitors on its ocean protection advocacy.

Undersea transport such as customised tourist semi-submersibles are the official mode of transversing the islands of the Coral World Park.